PCMI Services

PCMI Hiring ProcessPCMI Services handles the hiring and scheduling of all substitute teachers for the Algonac Community School District.  Applicants without a teaching degree must have a minimum of 60 credit hours in an accredited university in order to qualify.  The current reimbursement rate for substitute teachers is $100.00 per day.

PCMI also handles the hiring of all new Daycare Workers and Coaching positions.

Below is the process to follow:

1. All PCMI applicants may begin the application process by going to the following link:   


2.  Contact Algonac Community School, Central Office at (810) 794-9364 to make an appointment.  Please bring your Driver's License and Social Security Card.  We will need to do a Background Check.  Central Office will complete a LiveScan form which is needed to do a background check.   

3. If you have fingerprints already at another district, please complete the Fingerprint Release Request form and bring it with you to your appointment when you come to Algonac Community Schools Central Office.

Click here for release request

4. Once fingerprints have been verified, PCMI will notify you to complete the next section of their hiring process.

If you have any questions, please contact Crystal Harris, Administrative Assistant at Algonac Community Schools at 810-794-9364, ext. 1003.