Algonac JR/SR High

Algonac JR/SR High
Graduation Speeches
Please click on the link above to see the amazing graduation speeches by Eddie Boughner, Anthony Robinson, Abby Todino, & Shelby Woods.
2020 Final Graduation Plan

please click on the link above to see the final graduation plan for next week
20-21 Senior Awards Video Presentation
Please see The link above. A big thank you for Big Tilt in creating the video and Mrs. LANDRUM FOR ORGANIZING THE PROCESS.20-21 AHS Calendar

Google Classroom ClassCodesPlease see the link above for all current Google Classroom Codes for teachers and support staff.

2020 Algonac Top 10
Congrats to Shayla Avers, Eddie Boughner, Anna Campell, Fiona Dusenberry, Brendan Fuhrman, Isabella Greene, Emily Kochan, Calvin Meadows, Anthony Robinson & Shelby Woods!

New Attendance Policies for the 19-20 School Year
1. Seniors who end up on attendance contract in either the 1st or 2nd semester will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies.

2. Medical documentation must be turned in within two weeks of a student absence. Documentation turned in after that time frame will not be accepted.

IB vs. AP
Parents and students, please click on the link above to see the comparison between IB and AP. It explains how they are similar and how they are different. A key reason why AHS has chosen the IB path is that it is a learning process program, not just fact-based like AP. It teaches students to be critical thinkers which in turn helps our students develop the higher order skills they will need to be successful in college. If you want even more information, please click on the IB link on the left or contact the school.

College Board & Kahn Academy Linking Instructions
Parents and students. To take full advantage of your PSAT 8, PSAT 9, PSAT 10, and SAT scores, you will need to create a Kahn Academy account as well as a College Board account. This will allow you to get free Prescriptive support to help improve your scores in future testing. Click this link to see instructions on how to link accounts.

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Algonac High School (AER) Cover Letter

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