Landrum, Mitchell

Landrum, Mitchell

Credit Recovery Program


Keith Corbat
On-Line Coordinator/Graduation Coach
Algonac High School
810-794-4911 ext. 3228



Students should work on their credit recovery classes consistently during the summer, not just during posted lab hours. The Online Coordinator will be on Edgenuity daily checking if students need retakes or have questions.  The open lab during summer is for students who do not have internet access at home or just want a quiet place to work!

Lab CLOSED the week of June 23-27, 2014.  Open again on July 1st.

* Starting July 1st, the lab will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week from 9 a.m. - noon unless otherwise posted.


The computer lab will be open the following hours during the school year:

Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - after school until 3:30 p.m.Subject to change.

Education2020 has now offiicially changed to Edgenuity - you can access the site through the old log-in OR at: learn.edgenuity/student . The format has changed but all classes students had in their account are still there and no progress was lost!

If your son or daughter has failed classes during their high school career, they will need to be enrolled in credit recovery classes through our Edgenuity on-line program (formerly Education 2020).  Algonac High School offers a credit recovery program that is second to none.  Some of the features of the credit recovery program include:

     - The opportunity to recover credits in both elective and required courses.

     - Access to a computer lab open every day after school filled with 64 computers (headphones available to borrow).

     - Students have the freedom to work on the courses anywhere and at any time - students may work on their courses on any computer with internet access (and most tablet devices as well).

     - Students will benefit from consistent contact with Algonac High School's On-Line Coordinator who will support students through the process of taking on-line classes.

     - The AHS credit recovery program is free.

If you have any questions regarding the AHS credit recovery program, please contact the On-Line Coordinator at any time.

Important Information:

- Students must complete all required coursework to the best of their ability - this includes all journals and on-line content.  All of these are graded automatically by the computer based on keywords used in your answers (students who have issues with this feature should contact the On-Line Coordinator).